Eclectic workSHOP

March 5, 2015

The Art of Collecting: Learn How To Purchase and Display Art in Your Home From Charleston’s Art Experts


Back in December, I was honored to gather three of my art expert friends for another in a series of Eclectic workSHOPs, which are essentially a casual roundtable of sorts followed by a bit of shopping. Hence the term, workSHOP. As I moderated, we chatted a bit about how to purchase art; buy what you love vs. buying what has monetary value, where to purchase art; everywhere from flea markets to art galleries to commissioning a piece from the artist directly, how to negotiate on art; never insult the artist by asking for a price reduction however if they know you truly love their work, they might be willing to work with you, how to properly hang art; hang it approximately 56” off the floor (which is the average person’s eye level) but don’t be afraid to break the rules every now and again! Have fun playing with scale and groupings.

After the roundtable, attendees were able to shop works of art by local artists Way Way Allen, Cindy DeAntonio, Laura Dargan, Ann Keane, Whitney Kreb and Sarah Boyts Yoder.


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Photo: (L-R) Anne Siegfried owner of The George Gallery; Laura Dargan artist and owner of EOS Art Supply; Allison Williamson, founder and creator of The Charleston Artist Collective; Sidney Wagner, owner of Eclectic